Raving reviews


That woman can really sing!

As a highly skilled and professional musician, processing an ummatched work ethic, whose versatility as a dynamic leader and vocalist, Heidi is always willing to to put in the hours to go the extra mile  to insure the quality and success of her projects. Most recently Heidi and her stellar band performed on our main-stage supporting one of 140 acts, and as one of the musicians from a headlining band  exclaimed to me after her performance.
— Kevin Tobin, Art Director, Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Inc.

She's not just any singer.

Heidi Munro is a true heart and soul performer, that has completely taken us by surprise.
— Edmonton Sun

Munro really “brought it” with her fabulous RealGroovyBand!

Laying down a groove a mile wide, the seven-piece ensemble can best be described as a list of of all stars. With band in tow, Munro took the patrons on a wide ranging musical voyage, from Jazz and Blues to R&B, to straight ahead Rock ‘n’ Roll. The RealGroovyBand includes very well known and respected musicians - Rich Mcfarlene, Glenn Ens, Gent Laird, Kim Salkeld, Sheldon Corbett and Adam Streisal.
— American Federation of Musicians Local 553

AAAHHH! Finally a new and refreshing sound that has been long overdue.

I’m talking about Heidi Munro. Her passionate performance and sultry serenading will take you back. Rest assured that once you hear this little ladys dynamic vocals you’ll be wanting to hear more.
— Jim Corley, FD/MD KOYN Paris’ Texas